Reusch International S.p.A. creates worldwide multilingual dealer catalogue with EasyCatalog

Reusch International S.p.A., world-renowned producer of winter sports and goalkeeper gloves and equipment, presents the first dealer catalogue produced with a fully automated database publishing system from Rheinwork.

We are particularly pleased to be able to hold one of the first copies in our hands, as the implementation was marked by some special challenges.

Our congratulations go to the innovative Reusch crew on the completion of the catalogue and we would like to thank them again for the great commissioning time in Bolzano.

At first glance, the product presentation appears quite rigid. The repetitive product names and descriptions are easy to realise fully automatically with EasyCatalog.

The different page and image configurations were challenging: Two, three and four products can be set per page and have different sizes.

If a product has several colour variants, these should be shown in a reduced size. A grid was developed in which size and position the reduced images appear depending on the number of colour variants. The multiplication of both possibilities resulted in a large number of possible product representations that had to be realised in the templating.

In addition, there was the labelling of all elements - certainly indispensable for a retailer.

Also the high number of different pictograms representing different features of the glove had to be accommodated.

We are happy to have mastered the various requirements and are very pleased with the great result.



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