Complete production of various catalogue for Löbbecke GmbH and other affiliated companies

One of the first major projects for Rheinwork: Complete production of various catalogue lines for Löbbecke GmbH and other affiliated companies. The initially manual production is no longer manageable due to the amount of products and data. An automatism is needed, EasyCatalog is used for the first time. The layout is still very simple and the image variations manageable.

Through complete production, we gain important experience with the printing industry. Especially the exchange of data often becomes a problem if not very careful attention is paid to all options. 

In the meantime, we can fall back on good partners in printing who deliver first-class quality at top conditions through experienced processes. 

Our services:

Fully automated production of various catalogue lines, management of all product data and synchronisation with the web shop using a sepia PIM system, templating with EasyCatalog, image creation and editing, cropping, pagination and product page creation, image page creation and creation, InDesign book creation, final artwork of the entire price list for various tool dealers, pre-press and monitoring of printing until delivery.

"With a manageable effort compared to other suppliers, our tool catalogue could be produced fully automatically. The possibility of an automatic price update shortly before printing and the 100 per cent integration of the data into our web shop were very important to us.

The creative service and the entire pre-press were also handled extremely reliably by Rheinwork."

Bernd Löbbecke, Managing Director


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