Almost 15 years of catalogue production for Halfen (part of Leviat)

For almost 15 years now, Rheinwork has been producing the product section of the price lists of the fastening specialist HALFEN from Langenfeld (Germany). Over the years, the publication has grown to almost 300 pages - and now in 17 different countries and currencies. From the very beginning, sophisticated and technically complex products had to be optimally presented and listed differently according to country requirements. The templating was successively adapted, expanded and optimised.

This includes, among other things, automatic headline generation for direct product group entry as well as automatic generation of the table of contents and index entries.

All these measures have helped to shorten production times enormously and to take into account late change requests.

We would like to thank HALFEN for their many years of trust and look forward to new challenges in the future.

"Thanks to the fully automatic page generation, we are able to create 17 different language versions in a very short time. This is not possible with a conventional production method. Due to the sophisticated templating, we were able to keep the previous layout of the manually created catalogue as far as possible."

Angelika Richter, Head of Marketing & Communication


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