aas Akademie für Arbeits- und Sozialrecht

The aas Akademie für Arbeits- und Sozialrecht (aas Academy for Labour and Social Law) is an educational institution based in Gelsenkirchen for the further training of persons from works councils, representatives of severely disabled persons and youth and trainee representatives. With a 30-year history, 55 employees and more than 250 instructors, the aas Academy is one of the largest private providers of works council seminars. An essential sales tool: the 400-page seminar brochure.

The aas Seminar Programme 2022 

This comprehensive publication is published annually. The document, which was produced manually until 2021, was to be produced automatically, especially in the repetitive and time-consuming areas. Shortage of time and valuable staff resources were the main reasons for the automation efforts. In addition, most of the content was already available for the web application in a database.

In 2020, there were initial discussions and basic EasyCatalog training to paginate the complex layout with EasyCatalog. Qualifications to automate and template the publication quickly built up. This also shows the great potential of EasyCatalog: Qualified and motivated employees can learn the software quickly and use it intuitively. In the case of aas, this meant that there were still a few appointments for special tasks, everything else was done independently and absolutely convincingly by the marketing department.

A big thank you for the friendly cooperation in a very pleasant working atmosphere at the aas premises in Gelsenkirchen. 

The seminar part

The majority of the 402 pages were created automatically with EasyCatalog and the individual sections were compiled manually in an InDesign book. Pleasant colours and an appealing layout provide a great overview and very reader-friendly pages. A very successful publication that could be created quickly and up-to-date with EasyCatalog.



With various text and table sections, the seminar section takes up most of the space in the publication. The page-based layout could be filled automatically in large parts with EasyCatalog and thus produced fully automatically.

Seminar locations and hotels

The aas Academy's claim to customer satisfaction and transparency is also reflected in other areas of the publication: the presentation of seminar dates in relation to the seminar location. This makes it possible to see at a glance which seminars are taking place at the location.

The presentation was solved by cleverly linking and enriching the data with the location images. Great work and a real added value for the brochure.

Overview of dates by date

The dates overview displays all seminars chronologically sorted in list form. Here, too, the data has been cleverly restructured and optimised for this presentation. A functional and straightforward presentation that integrates perfectly into the pleasant layout and displays all information in a concentrated manner.


"Rheinwork has optimally supported and contributed to the automation of our seminar programme. After the first basic training, Mr. Kilian was always available to us for special problem solutions. The cooperation worked excellently and our requirements were optimally implemented. Especially for in-house productions, we can unreservedly recommend Rheinwork as a reliable and flexible service provider."

Florian Gather, Head of Marketing


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