BIZOL produces catalogues fully automatically after a two-day training and on-the-job training phase

The German engine oil and lubricant specialist BIZOL distributes high-quality and high-performance engine oils and car care products on five continents by now. The exclusive and complete product range of innovative lubricants from Germany has already been awarded the well-known reddot award 2014.

The challenge of the fully automated production of the entire product catalogue was based on the following focal points:

Consideration of different product categories such as oils, technical sprays or additives.
Simple representation of the complex release structure of the global automotive and commercial vehicle industry at item level
Creation of a publishing system as simple as possible with few templates and easy usability
BRIZOL decided on the InDesign plug-in "EasyCatalog" and the training and integration by Rheinwork. In a two-day workshop, the template structure was defined and the basic components of the publishing system for the fully automatic generation of the product catalogues were created. After two days, an executable system was ready, which fulfils the above-mentioned functional requirements and corresponds to a large extent to the BIZOL layout.

Rheinwork will continue to accompany BIZOL in the implementation of its goals and provide EasyCatalog support.

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