Optimisation of catalogue production at Thermokon continues - full utilisation of EasyCatalog CC technology

For more than 30 years, Thermokon has been distributing high-quality sensor technology in 80 countries. Whether the White House, Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in Paris or the Sony Building in Tokyo - more and more companies rely on Thermokon for sophisticated building sensor technology (more). With this unprecedented success story, the demands on the catalogue system have also grown steadily. A few years ago, the manual catalogue production was switched to a PIM-based system for product data management, followed by catalogue extraction with EasyCatalog from Rheinwork.

In the further course, numerous requirements led to many individual optimisation measures, so that in the course of time a highly complex and highly individual template system based on EasyCatalog was created. 10 languages and Thermokon's complex product structure can be perfectly mapped with it. Despite significantly increased requirements, the production speed could be further increased: A catalogue takes a few days in its raw form.

The latest update of the template system includes the introduction of the so-called "formatting rules" in EasyCatalog instead of the classic InDesign libraries. This brings the full range of functions of the current Adobe CC version to bear.

Formatting rules offer much more functionality when updating a document than the classic template in the library. Data fields are not simply linked to the InDesign document after the first placement, rather the template in the formatting rule behaves each time like a new filling: All commands included via script language are also available during the update, quantity and position of the article variants are placed as they were when the product was first created. Added and deleted products are therefore also automatically taken into account correctly during the update. The template can be edited within the formatting rule as usual. What is new here is that the edited template in the formatting rule can be applied to the already created document without starting a new pagination. This means that, for example, layout changes, added data fields, script language commands or InDesign formatting information made to the "empty" template can be applied to created articles to an unlimited extent.

This is a huge relief for every print production. Depending on the workflow and production situation, this eliminates several control cycles and product repositioning. In addition, the error rate of the entire production is further reduced. Thermokon now saves even more time and nerves to concentrate on the essentials: Continuing to write the success story.

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