Neuerungen in EasyCatalog CC2017

Sicherung der Paginierungskonfig.

Expanding groupings

New formats

Shortly before the end of 2016, the time has come. Adobe is releasing InDesign CC 2017 with all kinds of new features. You can find more details here. On the same day, EasyCatalog CC 2017 is also released, a practice not taken for granted by 65bit. You can find the news in detail here.
In addition to the usual bug fixes, we would like to present some selected new features that we see as extremely practical for the daily use of EasyCatalog.

"Pagination" now also in the backup file

When saving the EasyCatalog palette, the "Pagination" dialogue can now also be saved. The usual snapshot of this dialogue or the documentation can thus be omitted. All settings are saved in a settings file. This means that all relevant settings can be loaded at any time in the event of a computer crash, computer change or transfer of the project to another workstation. It also makes it easier to expand the team, because the new team member also has all the relevant settings, including the pagination.

Colouring columns in the EasyCatalog data palette

Complex product data with many features often make it difficult to see the EasyCatalog panel clearly. Now individual columns can be coloured, which improves findability enormously. We are thrilled at what simple means can achieve.

Expanding and collapsing groupings

Until now, the expansion of product groups was always done individually. This could be a tedious task if it was important to have a view of all article variants. Now all groups can be opened and closed at once with the key combination Ctrl + Alt (Windows) or Cmd + Alt (Mac). This also means a nice acceleration of the work. 

Import of new formats

The import of new formats has been extended again. The data connection of digital asset management products from ADAM, Elvis and Salsify are now supported. Google Docs spreadsheets are also supported, which will further increase the importance of location-independent editing of projects. 

Reset subset function

Do you like to use the magnifying glass at the bottom left of the EasyCatalog palette? To see all records in the palette again, just click on the magnifying glass again while holding down the Alt key - that's all. No long search in the EasyCatalog menu. Also very practical.

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