Modernisation and automation of the "Tatendrang" brochure

"Tatendrang" is an annual programme of seminars and camps organised by the youth conservation associations Naturschutzjugend NRW, BUNDjugend NRW and Deutsche Waldjugend NRW. Up to now, the production of the programme has been extremely laborious and, of course, manual across the various associations. The delivery of the files in various formats and the lengthy coordination processes were beyond the scope of what was affordable:
A solution was needed that would guarantee centralised and standardised input via a web interface and ensure fast output in "catalogue format". We are very pleased that the Naturschutzjugend NRW, the BUNDjugend NRW and the Deutsche Waldjugend NRW trust Rheinwork as an automation partner and use EasyCatalog for the automatic generation of print data.

We are looking forward to further work and are full of energy.

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