MASTERFLEX: New multilingual catalogue edition 2017/2018 produced promptly by Rheinwork

MASTERFLEX - hose manufacturer and official world market leader in the field of technical hoses, connections and customised hose solutions for almost all industries. The Masterflex Group is represented by 13 locations in Germany, Europe and the world in the most diverse areas.

The same applies to Masterflex: the official product catalogue is still an essential marketing tool for the company and requires regular updating.

In addition to visual refreshes, new elements such as the integration of smartphone-readable QR codes and photo-realistic 3D drawings were on the agenda this time. After updating the layout, Rheinwork was able to realise all 15 product chapters in German and English in a timely manner. The output of the Sepia PIM was used, on whose data basis the product pages were created fully automatically. All elements placed on the product page could be created from the PIM and thus the complete page could be generated automatically. This reduced the effort of manual post-processing to a minimum.

Anthony Quinn, responsible for marketing worldwide, is pleased with the close and productive integration of his graphics and data with Rheinwork know-how. "That's when I know that I can rely on you as a service provider very well for such an important project. That makes the whole thing much easier, of course."

We are pleased about the flexible and goal-oriented working atmosphere and thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us.

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