Individualised advertising material production by Doc Workx Marketing AG with EasyCatalog

Successfully mastering new tasks with EasyCatalog. We are familiar with the automatic creation of marketing documents such as catalogues, product brochures and data sheets with EasyCatalog from many applications.
In the case of Doc Worx Marketing AG - a specialist in individualised advertising materials for dentists and orthodontists - the requirements were different. The EasyCatalog-supported workflow was to guarantee the direct creation of individualised advertising material from the extensive database of Doc Workx Marketing AG inhouse in a timely manner.

Conceptually, this resulted in four essential points:

1. review of the concrete project requirements

2. InDesign and EasyCatalog implementation by Rheinwork

3. training and on-the-job training

4. support

By using InDesign and EasyCatalog CC2015, the company is now able to create new sample products for all customers in a highly individualised form in a very short time. This enables Doc Workx to respond even faster and more efficiently to market demands and to compete in the highly competitive promotional products industry. We are very pleased to have been commissioned to create and optimise the EasyCatalog system and thus to have mastered another highly interesting requirement with EasyCatalog.

In the future, new products will be realised with EasyCatalog through our in-house know-how and Rheinwork will be used as support in the background.

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