Europa-Apotheek Venlo relies on EasyCatalog and Rheinwork Support

Europa-Apotheek Venlo is currently the second largest mail-order pharmacy in Europe and serves the market in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

As a full-service pharmacy, it specialises primarily in providing medicines for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, multiple sclerosis and HIV.

The over-the-counter medicines are marketed via the company's own online shop and the quarterly catalogue. With a volume of over 100 pages and a print run of approx. 300,000 copies, it is an important part of the overall sales strategy.

We are therefore particularly pleased that the Europa-Apotheek Venlo has engaged us as EasyCatalog service provider.
In addition to the smooth licensing of EasyCatalog, the basic templates were developed and prepared for automatic pagination. After only one day of training and support, the Europa Apotheek Venlo thus had the basic framework for the fully automated production environment. "Thanks to the practical training, we can now exploit the possibilities of EasyCatalog even better for our purposes. Catalogue production has been greatly accelerated, and the time savings compared to the old system are enormous." Axel Nothen, Head of Content & Creation, summarises.

We are still available to the Europa Apotheek Venlo as a service provider for all questions regarding EasyCatalog at any time.

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