EasyCatalog automation and support for the NWD Group

Wir können auch Dental!

The NWD Group is one of the leading trading and service companies in the dental industry. At currently more than 30 locations in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, dental practices and dental laboratories are served with a full range of products and comprehensive know-how.
We are therefore very pleased to provide EasyCatalog support for the NWD Group and to support the automation of catalogue production for the successful own brand ORBIS. DatabasePublishing know-how meets highly motivated employees here, which results in a particularly fine example of efficiency increase with Rheinwork and EasyCatalog:

"Dear Mr. Kilian,it works!!!!!!!
Thank you very much for the explanation, it was even quite simple and only took two minutes, unbelievable!
Totally great!
...and I had always done the swapping of the strike prices by hand, with the XML reader open at the same time, that was sooo cumbersome and wasted a lot of time!!!"

We will simply leave this verbatim quoted email without comment and are very much looking forward to further cooperation with NWD.

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